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PANCHAKUTA BASTYI (LATER Half of 10th century/ Jain)

During the9th-10th century , the jain West Ganga dynasty , ruled over the Mysore area. The Shravanabelagola and Kadambanahalli temples wrer built even before the Hoysala constructions. Kadambanahalli has some temples with very interesting shapes. As you enter you find two temples to the left and right facing ecahother. Staright ahead three shrines share a mandapa. Thus there are five temples altoghther called Pachkuta. Thirthankaras have been enshrined in all temples and there are pyramids towers on top of the shrine. They are south style with layers. This type of five-shrine temple is very rare. Outside there is another shrine called Shantinatha shrine. On the ceiling of the mandapa is the nine-block ceiling that is popular in this area. In the middle a thirthankara statue has been engraved and on the sides other gods are engraved.