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My Kemmangundi Trip!

My Kemmangundi Team Outing “I do not want you to be here in office during the weekend and miss your team outing fun”, said my team Lead as I had one very important assignment from our client side. Wow! The assignment is completed! Need some ice-cream but sorry Mr. Rajesh, this is office!   “I have to go.  My PM is calling for a meeting to decide the final outing Plan. ” Which place?”  Wait man, let me first confirm with, what my fun team has decided.  Now just guess? Where we are going for outing for two days? Just guess dude… just give a try, NO! , One more try? Noooo...What yaar... you all are totally dumb. We are going ooooooooooooooty. Well I heard you will see lots of pretty girls too…J Hey, have you ever heard very funny question…”Who is not coming for trip?” Asked by my fun lead! Just think guys who will say – “I do not want to go for outing”. Now Plan, plan and plan… Feeling bore yaar, Stop talking and giving instruction… We can start now only if someone can read my mind. “I am sorry guys but just now I got a call from my mom and she said tomorrow is Tamilnadu Strike” – the Team lead said in meeting. Why our county is having ‘Strike’ provision? DMK sir…you hurted me a lot today…well I will see you later but let me see Team lead first… “What is this sir, you could have told me before itself. I definitely would have kidnapped DMK sir till the bus gets started towards the destination” My funny soul asked from Team lead’s soul but was sadL, I did not get any reply. “Well no worry guys…we will go somewhere else” My PM said with 100% confidence but where baba?... Let the god give some good idea to my fun team.  Well, now all are worrying about the trip but one thing is definite that we all will go somewhere but where? I don’t know. Fun team is working, working and only working…At last the leads decided that we will go to ‘Kemmangundi’. ”Is that a nice place? Will we get water falls there? Whether weather is good there? What about the hotel booking…” I know all these questions are haunting your mind…same like me, Now Stop thinking too much yaar. Fun team hai na… Bus started at 10:00PM from MTV, few people boarded the bus including Miss India – A sweet and little baby girl of my PM. It was good that she knows English and Hindi  though she is Malyalam. Now a days kid are very smart and fast learner. Bus was running through Kamakahya threature, katriguppe and mysore road. Confinable bus and Highway journey and everyone knows that, they will not get time to sleep in day time. So slowly all started getting into sleep. I thought why these people came for the trip “Just for sleeping????” It was mid night and I just moved to the driver’s cabin... Driver is driving the bus, when all passengers are sleeping without thinking about anything else. He is doing his work and just because of his work we thirty people are enjoying our journey. It’s an unknown trust what we have on driver, that he will make us reach our destiny.I was thinking at that time that it is always a lesson; we should do our work as it is our ‘Karma - Work’ which will help us and also others. Well let me take his snap as he taught me something in life.  Ok Raj sir, enough philosophy! Now go to the seat and take a nap. Chikmanglur: We reached Chikmangalur at 5 AM. Good Morning Chikmanglur and Soundarya Hotel…Yeah we will get enough rooms.  “Then what r u waiting for? Getting pressure dude. Try to understand but here no one who can listen to dil ki baat.”  “Rajesh get ready fast – we all are moving” my friends told me. wait yar.. Just now I got sleep…So what you were doing in night in bus?…”Research on bus driver” talked  to my self… Baba Budangiri:  Singing Song, talking with each other and performing different fun activity and we spent 1 hour until we reached the foot Hill of Baba Budangiri. We availed the transportation called Jeep.  If you want to know something about the jeep then I may have to go to 30 years back in their youngest life when it might have started serving to the travelers. Now, only I can say that to the driver “Ab to isko retirement de do”. We reached the top of the hill and spent near about one hour. The mountain height and cool wind was really touching my soul. I tried to do some titanic pose on the hill but Fun team did not allow me to. We started moving down the mountain. Now we got into our bus and started journey towards the destination called Hebbe falls. Kemmangundi Forest journey: The view of Kemmangundi forest was really soul toching. 55 Kms north from Chickmagalur town located is Kemmangundi, a scenic hill station on the Baba Budangiri.  at a height of 1,434 meters and is surrounded by thick forests and a salubrious climate of the year. After one hour of journey, we reached horticulture guest house. There our team got divided into two parts. One who will go to fall via jeep and other who will go for trekking? I selected joined the trekker’s team. The trekking was really fantastic, not only we crossed adventurous forest but also the steep terrain. It has a beautifully laid out ornamental gardens and panoramic view of the mountains. Along with the chirpings of the birds , the rays of the sun trying to peep through the trees. Time tiptoes gently here & as you take a walk down an inviting mountain trail you will find yourself laughing aloud with the sheer joy of living! An exotic experience of mountain trekking could be realized in this place. Hebbe falls: We reached the destination called Hebbe falls and it was the fantastic time when we reached there. The Hebbe Falls dropping down from a height of about 100 feet. This beautiful waterfall is 10+kms away from the famous hill station Kemmangundi. This waterfall is inside a coffee estate and can either be reached by walk or by a four wheeler. An 8km trek from Kemmangundi along a steep and narrow path leads you to these sprightly falls. Surrounded by dense forests and coffee plantations, Hebbe Falls gushes down from a height of 250 ft. in two stages to form Dodda Hebbe (Big Falls) and Chikka Hebbe (Small Falls.)So guys think who will miss the opportunities to get dip in this herb-infused cold water. Now its time to return to the base! 6.30 PM, we have decided to move via jeep, dark forest, birds chirp just like they are saying to stay here only but animals growling are advising us to be move from this place, as soon as possible. 30 people, 2 jeep and only seven people can be adjusted in one trip.  Jeep is on the track: First two trips have gone with 15 people and we are waiting in queue but do you think that we are just waiting …No….We are enjoying in dark night forest. Once again song and fearful talk with each other, I can not see any of the faces around though we are talking with each other. Some of the Coffee plants worker offered us ‘beedi’ but honestly speaking, we only asked for that and first time I got taste of desi beedi. Now, I am in jeep and jeep is on the beautiful forest track, swaying left and right as it moved along the track. Some time no right base and no left base… where the jeep is running? I don’t know.  Any how the horrible journey in the Jeep got over. Full body is paining and brain is not allowing us to do any thing but we are ready to do camp fire. Songs and dance around camp fire is making lots of difference in dark hill forest. After having dinner in the horticulture guest house, we started our journey back to Soundarya Hotel.  Blank….blank…..blank….. Sorry dosto, I don’t remember anything after reaching the hotel.   Good Monring Chikmanglur! now its time to go back home but are we really going back to Bangalore… Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stay some more time……….but…………………. Belur Temple:We decided to visit Belur Temple during the return After the four hours of bus journey, we reached a place called Chennakeshava temple(dedicated to Lord Chennakeshava), one of the oldest and most remarkable monument from Hoysala dynasty. It was commissioned by the Hoysala king himself to celebrate an important military victory in 1117 AD. The temple is really very beautiful and I can imagine the work and creativity what our ancestors have done for this. This temple is the finest example of Hoysala architecture. Temple is a combination of beautiful shrine, attractive hall, beautiful sanctum and interior. I found some of the idols were missing from their place and came to know that, those have been stolen from unidentified people.  This is our history and we must save all this. Now we are going back to Bangalore but still I can feel the moment what we have spent together with my handsome and beautiful team members. All this will be in my heart forever. This was not the trip to visit some unknown places; this was not the trip to visit some historical or beautiful places rather than this trip was made for having fun together with team… Still I can feel the same energy and smell the fragrance within our team… Bus is running on the highway…same driver, same passengers but only thing changed is the Destination… Rajesh, I need one command center build immediately.Rajesh, upload localized folder to ftp.  now the same work. 

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