Tawakkal Mastan: Cottonpet – Hindu and Muslim Temple

Tawakkal Mastan: Cottonpet – Hindu and Muslim Temple
Hazarath Tawakkal Mastan Vali is a Sufi Saint from the Saharwardia Order of the 17th Century. His mausoleum is located in the Cottonpet area of Bangalore, India (Near Majestic).
He is a disciple of Sufi saint Hazarat Baba Fakruddin of Penukonda.(R.A)
This is probably the first dargah to be associated with a Hindu festival. The dargah honours the Sufi saint, Hazrat Tawakkal Mastan. Legend has it that that the saint was a mason from Arabia who was involved in the construction of Haidar's fort. He had the misfortune of being trampled on by a crowd during a karaga procession. It is said that he fainted and was revived by some priests who applied kum-kum on his wounds, which is what was supposed to have healed him. He then insisted that the procession stop at the dargah every time. It is situated in Cottonpet and also has a marriage hall and a school.
This Cottonpet Muslim shrine is associated with the Hindu Karaga festival too. The procession annually visits the Dargah of this Sufi saint, Tawakkal Mastan, and his tomb attracts both Muslim and non-Muslim piligrims.

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