Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain

Name : Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain

Location: T. Chowdaiah Road,Opposite Planetorium

Main  attraction: Musical fountain

The B N A Technology Consulting Ltd Created, Hong Kong, the Musical fountain of Bangalore was inaugurated in 1995 with work starting on it in 1997,is perhaps the most technically advanced and  the biggest fountains in India. Based on multimedia technology, industry standard MIDI interfaces and hardware architecture the Musical fountain in Bangalore has unimaginable features that enthrall the audience.
The programme-generated fountain uses unique binary control concept for obtaining three distinct levels for varied forms, a hydraulic system for producing the dancing movements and an advanced pumpimg system that can re-cycle the water. Moreover, the fountain uses everything modular be it the grid design, the hydraulic mechanism, the controller electronics or the grid design, making it highly adaptable for any further expansion, development and modification. Infact, with very little modification this Musical fountain, Bangalore can be turned into a more advanced portable fountain that could surpass many foreign designs.

Spread over 17 hectares of land, the park is maintained by the Department of Horticulture and includes a play area for children.At the entrance to the park is a railway engine placed in honour of the then Central Railway Minister, C K Jaffer Sharief, who presented the musical fountain.

The sound and light show together with the synchronized rhythmic dancing of the fountains is truly a visual delight, together symbolizing unity in diversity.Infact, with very little modification this Musical fountain, Bangalore can be turned into a more advanced portable fountain that could surpass many foreign designs.

With as many as 1000 nozzles, the fountain has 15 formations and 27 different combinations that’s a feast to the eyes.While the fountain dances to the musical notes, a wide screen at the backdrop shows the reflection of the multimedia show that is synchronized with the music for a wonderful visual experience. The beginning and concluding part of the show has patriotic songs like the 'Vandematharam' and 'Saare Jehan se Achcha' being aired while simultaneously screening the tourist spots of Karnataka and that of India These are interspersed with songs in Kannada like 'Sirigannadam Galge' and 'Jogada siri Belakinalli' together with some Hindi film songs, like Raj Kapoor's 'Awaara Hoon' and Amithabh Bachchan's 'Sona Sona', followed by thankful expressions to the Indian Railways for their generous donation. Saturdays and Sundays play a different tune altogether with Alisha Chinoy's 'Made in India'.

With a seating capacity of about 700 to 1000 people, an average of about 500 people visit on Saturdays and Sundays. Summer (April and May), sees the maximum number of visitors. The laser show, an additional feature, adds glamour to the musical fountain.

Adults - Rs10/-
Children between 6 and 12 - Rs5/-.

Parking facilities:
Bicycle - Rs1/-
Two wheelers - Rs2/-
Cars - Rs5/-
Matadors / Vans - Rs10/-
Mini Bus - Rs15/-
Bus - Rs25/-

Complete address:

Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain
T. Chowdaiah Road
Bangalore G.P.O.
Landmark: Opposite Planetorium
Phone: 080-22864125

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