Government Museum

Name : Government Museum

Location: Kasturba Road , Bangalore- 560001 

Main Attraction: Museum , Art Gallery

A beautiful 1877 structure with Corinthian columns. Being one of the oldest museums in the country, this museum boasts an exquisite collection of coins, sculptures, inscriptions, old paintings and excavated items. The Venkatappa Art Gallery adjacent to the Museum is named after Late K. Venkatappa, a noted artist. You will find a selection of his famous paintings, Plaster of Paris works and wooden sculptures. Also on view are works of various contemporary artists.

Bangalore is one of the most ancient museums of India. This popular museum was established in the year 1866 AD. This museum is regularly visited by tourists all across the globe.In the extremely popular State Government Museum, Bangalore the visitors will come across some rare and beautiful artistic works belonging to ancient times. Some of the ancient artifact found in this museum includes artistic works such as sculpture coins and inscriptions. These inscriptions were found in different parts of ancient Karnataka. The visitors can admire the paintings of the well renowned artist Venkatappa and some other eminent artists. Some of the artifacts include Watercolor paintings, and other works of art. In this State Government Museum, Bangalore there is a separate section displaying the works of Major Cheppudira Ponnappa Rajaram .His works mainly consists of wooden sculptures.

The other attraction of the State Government Museum, Bangalore is the Venkatappa Art Gallery. This art gallery lies close to o the Museum. The Venkatappa Art Gallery is named in honor of the popular artist Venkatappa. In the Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore the visitors can view about 600 paintings by different renowned painters. On the ground floor of the museum you will come across beautiful paintings by the famous painter K. Venkatappa. The works of this famous painter are generally nature based. Some of his popular paintings include view of Nilgiri Mountains, Kodaikanal, Sunrise in Ooty, a painting on Monsoon and other paintings. Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore also displays works of eminent artists like M. F. Hussain, N. S. Bendre, Vasudev, Hanumaiah, Hariram, Rekha Rao, and Yusuf Arakkal and other contemporary painters. On the first floor of the Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore you can admire the works of C. P. Rajaram's and others.

The museum also houses terracotta works from West Bengal, sculpture from the Nolamba, Hoysala, Chola, Chalukya, Pala and Gandhara periods. Other than the traditional paintings and work of art, the Government Museum also possess contemporary and modern paintings and works of plaster of Paris.

Opening timings:
The State Government Museum, Bangalore remains open from 9am to 6pm on all days of a week for public viewing. The museum remains closed on Wednesday and on public holidays
State Government Museum, Bangalore is one of the oldest museums of India. If you once visit this museum you will love to visit this museum over and again.

Government Museum Photo Gallery

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