Barkana Falls

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Barkana Falls


Barkana Falls  are among the ten highest waterfalls in India. They are located near Agumbe in Shimoga district of state of Karnataka. Barkana falls are formed by Sita river. Currently Barkana falls are the prime source of one of the hydro electric projects in Karnataka. It is a wonderful location for sight seeing and enjoy the picnik, but beware of the blood suckers in rainy seasons..

Barkana Waterfalls, 259 meters high, is one of the picturesque spots in Shimoga District of Karnataka. Located in Balehalli forest area, Barkana Falls is about 80 km from Thirthahalli. It is formed by the natural water of Seeta River. A small stream adjoins the waterfalls.

Barkana is located approximately 7 kilometers from Agumbe within the dense forests of the western ghats. The name Barkana comes from the words Barka which means "Mouse Deer" and Kana means "Home". Currently Barkana falls are the prime source of one of the hydro electric projects in Karnataka.

Location info:

Address:Distance - Approx 80 kms from Tirthahalli and 7 kms from Agumbe
District: Shimoga district
Nearest City: Shimoga
Best time to visit:Early Winter



Interesting things to do:

The view from the Barkana platform which roughly 2000 feet above sea level; located at the borders of Shimoga and Udupi districts provides a beautiful view of the V shaped valley with a spectacular 2200 feet high waterfall of the Sita river at the seam.

You can either drive or trek to Barkana which includes 4 kilometers of tar road and the rest is mud road. The roads runs through dense forests and hence is shaded and pleasant throughout the year. Almost midway between falls a tiny village called Mallandoor which has approximately 50 families.
Barkana Falls

Nestling in the Southern end of Tirthahalli, Agumbe is also called as Cherapunji of South of Switzerland of Karnataka. Here in this region of heavy falls lies the Barkana Falls. The Barkana Falls are made by the river called as Sita River. Bakrana Falls also makes for one of the best trekking grounds as one covers the Kudllu Teertha to reach the Bakrana Falls. There amidst the dense forest which cover the area lie the Barkana Falls.

The forests flora changes every 100 meters – from bamboos to hurbs to shurbs. The main attraction of this forest apart from the Bakrana Falls is the plant called Guruji. It is said, it blossoms once in 7 years and it is also believed that the flower signifies coming of Drought. But with sadness comes the happiness. Along with the draught also comes a lot of natural honey. Whenever, this bounty flower blossoms, there is a large scale production of Honey which fills the entire village.

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To reach Bakrana Falls one has to trek the Western Ghats ranging the Gumbo Ghats. As one treks the range, one can see the beautiful lush greenery which surrounds the entire place. But while climbing the Ghats one has to be careful as the slopes are steep, some as deep as 75 to 85 degrees. One has to trek at least 2000 ft from the valley to reach Bakrana Valley Falls. With the Falls at such a height, one can see almost the entire valley. The beauty of the falls coming from the Himalayas is insurmountable

The way to Bakrana Falls is also a motorable path and those interested in adventures like Motorbiking can very well trek the path of from Agumbe to Bakrana. Barkana Falls come under the Indias Ten Highest Waterfalls

Nearest Visiting places:

Kudlu Teertha Falls : Kudlu Teertha Falls are the beautiful falls, falling 126 feet deep. The water of the falls drop the top to bottom in one big leap. Its a 4 kms walk from the grounds to reach the falls. This fall has a religious aspect too from the villages point of view.

Narasimha Parvata : Narasimha Parvata is the tallest peak in the surroundings with a depth of 3780 feet. The trekking to Narasimha Parvata begins from Mallandhur Village . The route to Narashimha Parvata is not very dense but has several trees which are as high as 40 to 50 high. It takes approx. three hours to reach the Parvata or Hill. The sight from the Hills is panaromic.

Kigga : Kigga, a small village which houses to beautiful waterfalls - Mage bail and Sere mane. Kigga is about 16 kms from Sringeri. The local buses coming from Nassimha Parvata take you to the falls.

It is about 16 kms to the North-West of Thirthahally Town. The river Sharavathi takes its birth here and it is considered holy. A Shivalinga is installed at the spot.

Nestling on a ghat head is the picturesque town of Agumbe famous for its glorious sunsets. Other spots include the Gopala Krishna temple and the observatory.


Famous for Old Temples.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary:
Bhadra wildlife sanctuary is in the Shimoga and Chikkamangalur district is one of the most fascinating sanctuaries. Barking dear, Flying fox,Mongoose, Elephant, Panther, Gaur and birds like King Fisher, Weaver bird can be seen in this Sanctuary.

A bird Sanctuary near Soraba.

60 kms from Honnavar. The river Sharavathi spreads into four steams and cascades as the Raja, Rani, Rocket & Roarer.

15 km from Jog Water Sports Centre.

Hill Station in Western Ghats.

A Lion Safari Park on Shimoga-Sagar Road.

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Nearest Human Vegetation - Tirthahalli - Shimoga

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Tips & Suggestions:

Nearest Medical Help - Shimoga 80+ kms

?  The nearest Airport is Thiruvananthpuram ( 95 kms) and the railway station is Kollam and Aryankavu. The train to Kollam and Aryankavu can be catched from Thiruvananthpuram. Palaruvi is 4 kms from Aryankavu.
?  There are good rest houses, both in Kollam and Aryankavu. However its better to get the Hotels booked in Kollam rather than in Aryankavu if you want to see some beautiful places around. Kollam being the gateway of Backwaters, it can also be a place for Backwater Excursion.
?  The nearest tourism place to Kollam is Periyar. From Kollam one can go to Periyar and see the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary there.
?  Palaruvi is also known for the Ayurvedic Healing Therapies Packages. Go for some of the famous therapies which are meant for rejuvenation for body and mind.


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