Name : Aquarium

Main Attraction: Octagonal shaped building.

Location: #4, Kasturibai Road, Cubbon Park
Bangalore G.P.O, Bangaluru, Karnataka 560001
080 22867440?

The Govt. Aquarium is in is an octagonal shaped building. This is one of the largest Aquariums in India, showcasing a variety of indigenous and exotic, cultivable as well as ornamental pet fish.

The Bangalore Aquarium is amongst the city's most popular tourist attractions and perfect for a family day out, being founded in 1983. Housed within an imposing diamond-shaped building and located at the very entrance to Cubbon Park, you can expect to see many colourful and indigenous fish, displayed in a series of aquariums, both large and small, recreating natural habitats.

The city of Bangalore is built in the 16th century, is as a valued spot for travel and tourism. The Government Aquarium is a destination which should be visited, once a tourist is in the Cubbon Park. The center has various species of fishes from Chennai, Mumbai, South East Asia, South America, Sri Lanka and Japan.

Government Aquarium was inaugurated in 1983 and it is maintained by the Department of Fisheries of Karnataka. It is situated only at a distance of 2 km from M.G Road and it further increases the scenic beauty of the Cubbon Park. This place remains open from 10 am to 5:15 pm for its visitors, except on Mondays and second Tuesdays of every month. It also remains closed on general holidays. All most 1000 people visit this Government Aquarium in Bangalore, everyday.

The Government Aquarium in Bangalore is a home to a variety of species of fishes that are exotic and indigenous. There are species that can be kept in the aquarium of the drawing room of a house or those that are meant for pisci-culture. There are about 70 varieties of fishes in the aquarium. Some of the species of fish kept in the Government Aquarium are Kissing Gouramy, Buenous-Aires Tetra, Serpant Treta, Striped Loach, Hocks stick, Pearl Coushmi, India Tiger Borb and Moon Tail.

The vibrant colored, swiftly moving shoal of fishes in the aquarium of this center are ever welcoming to the visitors dropping in the Government Aquarium in Bangalore. Aquarists Society of Karnataka is adjacent to this institute, that encourages the visitors to keep the ornamental fishes in their home. There is also a fish stall in the same campus. 

The Hocks stick, the Pearl Coushmi, the India Tiger Borb, the Moon Tail, as well as edible fish are a feast to the visitors. The Aquarium provides food for thought, but if you want to taste the fish, there is a fish stall here.

Timings 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m (Closed on Thursdays)
Admission by Tickets.

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