SIKH GURUDHWARA : Ulsoor Lake - Sikh Gurudwara

SIKH GURUDHWARA : Ulsoor Lake - Sikh Gurudwara
Near the Ulsoor Lake stands the elegant and white Sikh Gurudwara. Opened on 13 April 1946, it is the main Sikh temple in Bangalore. Having been renovated recently, the temple looks resplendent with marble floors.

The Sikhs have a unique belief: all human beings are one.
Devotees from all religions and communities are welcome to the temple.The prayer hall is large and well-ventilated. It can accommodate about 500 devotees at a time. Special prayers are offered every Sunday and the temple wears a colourful look. Nearly a thousand people from all religions come here to worship. Bhajans and kirtanas are sung in praise of Guru Nanak and Guru Granth Sahib. After this, meals (vegetables, dal, chapatis and payasam) are served to all.
There is a school, a medical centre and a function hall in the premises. The temple also provides accommodation (a day's stay) to the tourists. The Sri Guru Singh Sabha manages the affairs of the temple, but it is the devotees who sponsor free medical consultancy and Sunday meals.
Routine prayers are held everyday from

    • 4:00 am to 7:30 am &
    • 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm.  

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Holy Trinity Church: M.G. Road - Christian

Holy Trinity Church: M.G. Road - Christian
This beautiful landmark at the east end of the M.G. Road was built in 1848-51. It is built in the English Renaissance style.The church can accommodate 700 people and is regarded as the largest "military" church in Southern India.
Built in the English Renaissance style in 1848-51, Holy Trinity Church is on the east end of the Mahatma Gandhi Road in Bangalore. The Church was built for the British Army stationed in Bangalore Cantonment.
The church has a tall tower and unparalleled pillars. The three pairs of angels, which are carved in wood, on the roof are noteworthy. There are decorative memorials and articles inside the church which depicts the stories of great men and women.
The great bell of the church, the stained glass at the altar and the baptismal pond at the entrance were brought from London.
The Trinity School and Boy's Home for the less fortunate, senior citizen's home and the Bishop's house are all in the campus of the church.

The beauty of Holy Trinity Church is not alone in it's tall tower and unparalleled pillars but also in its high class statues, of generals and other officials, mural tablets and memorials inside. The Holy Trinity Church is certainly a massive and majestic piece of architectural gandeur. The decorative memorials and articles inside are `history in stone' that speak the stories of great men and women. If one goes to the tower of the Church one can admire the strength of the structure, the solidarity of the wooden ladders and the view of the beautiful city of Bangalore. We learnt that the Cross which surmounts, it was the present by the Queen Victoria's Own West Kent Regiment. `In memory of those who died whilst this Unit was in Bangalore' (1928-32). Many of the older monuments were also made in London by famous firms, the most beautiful being the one of the young Soldier in full uniform, in memory of Lieut. Augustus Croft Dobree, who died in 1867, aged 22.

There was also another wall monument of Gen. Clement Delves Hill, clad in the garments of ancient Rome, who died on January 20th, 1845 by the Gersoppa Falls. His brother was a famous commander of the peninsular war. Another monument To Arabella, the wife of Lt. Gen. Sir James Wolfe Murray had full Latin stanzas from Virgil inscribed on it. Some told of tragic occurrences. Maj. Gen. Faunce was lost when, after the campaign in Burma, his vessel was found in the Bay of Bengal, and in the same month his wife died on her voyage to England. Their married daughter died in Tellicherry a few weeks later. There are many more tablets and memorials which speak about the great people who toiled and equipped this House of God. The stained glass which depicts the baptism of Jesus in splendid color is a rare piece;

The three pairs of angels which are carved in wood of the roof which is above the Choir pews and the altar, symbolizes the angels guarding the Holy of Holies. Indeed it is a marvelous workmanship.

Holy Trinity Church Photo Gallery

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St. Andrew's Kir: Cubon Road - Christian

St. Andrew's Kir: Cubon Road - Christian

The only Scottish Kirk in Bangalore, situated on Cubon Road parallel to MG Road contains stained glass windows depicting Lord Jesus and his eight apostles. A pipe organ was also installed here in 1881. The walls are adorned with polished brass plaques. There is also a plaque of John Cook, the Principal of Central College in Bangalore in 1915.
The St. Andrew's Church belongs to the Presbyterian background from the Church of Scotland, nurtured by the Calvinistic division of the early Protestant Church formed after the reformation period. It is primarily and in totally so, because of the fact that the early worshippers responsible for bringing up such a Church were mostly 19th century Scottish regiment soldiers and a few Scot civilians whose faith in the Presbyterian background was the basis for establishing the same in Bangalore.
A giving Church , it has been so bountifully blessed with the Grace of God both in membership and finance, over the past few decades. The corporate society at large, in the Church has been elite, affluent, influential, educated and cosmopolitan in outlook, deserving its rank to be 'A' grade in all walks of lofe at all times since its inception, with the only change conspicuous to peruse , that a congregation of western origin has remolded itself into a multilingual Indian Church over a period of time retaining its identity as one congregation on the whole. Really a marvelous change over without sacrificing the ideals it stood for from the beginning! There had been no change in the denominational affiliation since 25 years : its beliefs, practices and traditions remain unaltered even today . The attitude of the members towards the religion has been based on a deep-rooted tradition, personal commitment and to a lesser extent on out-reach work, in the earlier days . the Church had a school started in the year 1876 mostly for non-nationals and had to be closed down subsequently due to insufficient response and encouragement. However the seed sown thus remained dormant for nearly hundred years to experience a stupendous growth later when St. Andrew's School was re-established this time for the under-privileged children in a slum area in the year 1977.
A new awakening about its mission to the poor and down-trodden has dawned in the annals has started responding to this mission rhythmically. The renaissance of social activity or the outreach work of the Church bloomed into execution with the formation of a registered Socio-economic Development Society in the year 1976 under the thoughtful initiation and leadership of the then Presbyter-in-Charge Rev. S. A. Salins who steered the Pastorate Committee into such a course of benevolent action and involvement for the Church to have a sincere concern for the poor and the downtrodden-underprivileged otherwise to have such an educational facility in a slum area.
The prime objective of the Society is to serve the poor in the slum and to improve their socio-economic conditions. The Siddapura Slum where 1000 families live in small one-room huts was chosen as the centre for Church's out-reach work, taken up with the three specific objectives of imparting education, providing and atmosphere of better health and thereby making the congregation members of the Church feel their individual participation in the struggles of the poor.


Infant Jesus Church: Vivek Nagar –Christian

Infant Jesus Church: Vivek Nagar –Christian

A place happen lots of miracles. prayers are never failed. Visit once or, ask the community to pray. all group will pray for you!
The Church has a long history of sacrifice and devotion from the time it was first conceived by Fr Paul Kinatukara in the sixties. In April 1970, the foundation was laid by Rev.Dr.Lourduswamy, the then Archbishop of Bangalore, with absolutely nothing to get started.It was Fr. L. Peter who set out on a daunting mission to establish the church on a firm footing. Persisting faith and courage prevailed and finally the present church was opened in the year 1979, despite gruelling obstacles. The most noticeable feature of the church is the secular nature of the devotees.
The Infant Jesus Church was recently rebuilt making it the biggest church in Karnataka. The newly built Church, a popular pilgrimage centre at Viveknagar in Bangalore was on inaugurated by Dr Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore on June 10, 2005.
Representative of the Vatican in India Dr Pedro Lopez Quintana dedicated the new church at a Eucharistic celebration.
In terms of accommodating the number of people, this is the largest church in Karnataka. With 312 benches, it can seat about 3,500 persons inside the worship hall and another 5,000 people in the open podium area.
On January 14th, 2002 The Foundation stone for the new Infant Jesus Church was laid by his Grace, Rev. Fr. Dr. Ignatius Pinto, and the Archbishop of Bangalore. Inauguration of the church took place on June 9th, 2005 at 5 p.m. by Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore, Dedicated by His Excellency, Most Rev. Dr. Pedro Lopez Quintana, Apostolic Nuncio in India; Blessing of the Tabernacle, by Most Rev. Dr. Ignatius Pinto, Archbishop Emeritus, Archdiocese of Bangalore.
Rev. Fr. Martin Kumar
Parish Priest
Infant Jesus Shrine
Post Box. 4712, Viveknagar
Bangalore - 560047
Ph: 080-25301206 (91-80-25301206)
This is a community of devotees of Infant Jesus (Prague) Shrine at Vevekanagar, Bangalore, INDIA.

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