St Patricks Church: Brigade Road - Roman Catholic

St Patricks Church: Brigade Road - Roman Catholic

Denomination: Roman Catholic
The Parish Priest, Assistant Parish Priest and the Congregation of St. Patrick's Church wish you all a Joyful Easter. May the Peace, Love and Joy of the Risen Lord be with you and your families.

Programs for the Community of St. Patrick's Church

The Community Welfare Centre under the guidance of Sydney Mendens organised the 'Community Week" in October 1996. The Programs consisted of Inaugral Mass followed by a Tableaux, Youth Seminar & Fellowship, Western Music & Indian Music Competition, Rangoli (art on the ground done with the aid of coloured powders), Painting Competition, Essay Competition, Senior Parishioners' Fellowship, Collage Preparation, Living Rosary, Bible Quiz for Children, Blood Donation Camp, Parish Luncheon, etc. ... this year the program was from 20th October to 27th October. For the last four years the program has been a success in bringing together the Parishioners of St. Patrick's Church. Because of the size, the Parish is divided into seven zones, named St. Anthony's, St. Thomas's, St. Francis Xavier's, St. Joseph's, St. Paul's, St. Peter's and Marian Zones. Marian Zone has a good area covered by the Good Shepherd Convent.

Mass Service Timings

Monday through Saturday: Morning: 5.45 AM English; 5.15 AM Tamil; 7.00 AM English
Monday, Thursday, Friday: Evening: 5.30 PM English;
Tuesday: 5.45 PM Tamil
Saturday: 6.00 PM English
Sunday : Morning: 6.00 Kannada; 7.15 AM Tamil; 8.30 AM; 9.45 AM English
Sunday : Morning: 8.30 AM (English) Children's Mass; 9.45 AM (English) Teens' Mass
Sunday : Evening: 6.00 PM English

Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Patrick Digby and Asst. Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Vincent
Phone: 091 80 5599863 & 5587213
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A visit to the St Patrick's Church, Bangalore is one of the most important among the things to do in the city if you have a religious bent of mind. Even if you are not so religious, do visit the popular St Patrick's Church, Bangalore to feel sanctified. It is one of the most important churches in the city and is one of the must see tourist attractions in Bangalore.
St Patrick's Church is situated on the Brigade Road. This church was originally built for Irish soldiers by Gail-Hot a military chaplain. He had spent eight thousand rupees for its construction. The Church was rebuilt in the year 1894. The church has been remodeled recently. However, recent constructions around the church and its frontage have obscured the majestic view of this Church.
The St Patrick's Church, Bangalore is one of the oldest churches in the city and is around 150 years old. The St Patrick's Church was consecrated as a cathedral in the year 1899. Father Chevalier was the main person behind the construction of this church, which boasts of a lovely arched entrance flanked by twin columns. There are twelve pillars in the church symbolizing the twelve apostles and this further add grace to the interiors of the church. The St. Patrick's Church in Bangalore is a prestigious one being an important place for worship and weddings.
The people who have grown up in Bangalore are very well aware of St Patrick's Church on Brigade Road as it is easily recognizable by its twin spires. Every Sunday morning the special services are held in the church. The calmness and majestic of the church is sure o make you spell bound. The services held on a Sunday morning are not much interesting for the priests as it is for the swallows that fly around the interior of the church. If you are lucky then may be you can also see the wedding rituals being performed in the church.Whenever you plan to visit the city of Bangalore, do not forget to add the St Patrick's Church, Bangalore in your itinerary.
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St Patrick's Church _ Of the native Christians in Bangalore, the majority are Catholics. A chapel is said to have been built as far back as 1400 and Jesuit missionaries came in 1762. The residence of the Bishop is here and there are important educational establishments and two

15-K, Brigade Road
Bangalore 560025
Phone: 5599863
Landmark: Opposite Hotel Chancery
This is one of the oldest churches in the city (around 150 years old). Located on Brigade road, this church was consecrated as a cathedral in 1899. Father Chevalier was responsible for building this church, which boasts of a lovely arched entrance flanked by twin columns. Twelve pillars symbolising the twelve apostles add grace to the interiors of the church. The Church is a prestigious one being an important place for worship and weddings.
People who have grown up in Bangalore are aware of St Patrick's Church on Residency Road, recognizeable by its twin spires. The services held on a Sunday morning were interesting not so much for the priests homily but for the swallows that flew around the interior of the church, quite unmindful of the congregation seated within.

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Tawakkal Mastan: Cottonpet – Hindu and Muslim Temple

Tawakkal Mastan: Cottonpet – Hindu and Muslim Temple
Hazarath Tawakkal Mastan Vali is a Sufi Saint from the Saharwardia Order of the 17th Century. His mausoleum is located in the Cottonpet area of Bangalore, India (Near Majestic).
He is a disciple of Sufi saint Hazarat Baba Fakruddin of Penukonda.(R.A)
This is probably the first dargah to be associated with a Hindu festival. The dargah honours the Sufi saint, Hazrat Tawakkal Mastan. Legend has it that that the saint was a mason from Arabia who was involved in the construction of Haidar's fort. He had the misfortune of being trampled on by a crowd during a karaga procession. It is said that he fainted and was revived by some priests who applied kum-kum on his wounds, which is what was supposed to have healed him. He then insisted that the procession stop at the dargah every time. It is situated in Cottonpet and also has a marriage hall and a school.
This Cottonpet Muslim shrine is associated with the Hindu Karaga festival too. The procession annually visits the Dargah of this Sufi saint, Tawakkal Mastan, and his tomb attracts both Muslim and non-Muslim piligrims.

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Prasanna Veeranjaneya Temple: Mahalaxmi Layout – Hindu Temple

Prasanna Veeranjaneya Temple:  Mahalaxmi Layout – Hindu Temple
The uniqueness of the Prasanna Veeranjaneya temple, apart from the 22-foot-high deity of Veeranjaneya, is its peaceful atmosphere. The cool breeze and surrounding greenery, coupled with an aura of mysticism, bring solace to devotees visiting the temple.
Anjaneya / Hanuman Temple in Mahalakshmi Layout. This is one most beautiful and amazing temple. A must visit. Its about 40 years old. The Hanuman idol there was carved out of a single stone and is one of the largest. Its a tourist spot. The temple also holds many yoga and meditation programmes. It is also house of Godess Mahalakshmi. Its star of Mahalakshmi layout area
A huge monolith statue of Lord Hanuman which is painted ochre around the mouth (orange like color) and the left foot is cast in silver. Most auspicious temple deity, many people come and pray here. Since today is Tuesday, the crowds will be huge as Tuesday is the day people pray to Lord Hanuman. For the removal of all evil effects,praying to Lord Hanuman is very efficatious. The statue is of black rock, nearly 50 feet high and an over powering presence.
this temple is very famous and power full. especially on new moon days comes on saturday it is very auspecious.
THE PRASANNA Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple, atop a hillock in Mahalakshmi Layout, is not only known for religious reasons, but is popular also because of the free medical services it offers. The temple, built on a 13-acre land, has so far organised over 1,200 cataract operations. A specially-built hall with 18 beds is used once a month for eye operations. The temple provides food for patients and their caretakers at the monthly three-day cataract operation camp. Apart from this, it has treated 700 people suffering from dental problems.
"For a nominal fee of Rs. 5, our dental clinic provides treatments such as extracting a damaged tooth, filling, and many other specialised services," says the founder secretary, Krishnamurthy Rao. Mr. Rao, who has been associated with the temple since its inception 30 years ago, adds that the dental clinic does not even insist on the nominal fee if the patient cannot afford it.
Then how does the temple manage to serve without funds? "The temple hospital receives unused medicines from convalesced patients around the City, which are then given away to the needy," he says. The temple hospital has a physiotherapist, paediatrician, dentist, and general physician in addition to the specialists visiting three to four times a week. The hospital works from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m., and collects a nominal registration fee of Rs. 2 from each patient. The dental clinic is open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The hospital also has a homeopathy clinic and a medical store.
The temple has been attracting more visitors these days. And the reason for this is the recent installation of a 19-foot Mahalakshmi idol in a sitting posture. It is claimed to be the tallest idol in the country.
How did the temple come into being? A little peek into the history of the temple reveals that the hillock and its surrounding area were barren till the Sixties.
It was only in 1968, that people began inhabiting the area and painted an image of Anjaneya flying with the Sanjeevini Hill and started worshipping it. The painting was later sculpted into an idol in 1975 by Shanmugananda.
It was installed in the presence of the former chief minister, Kengal Hanumanthaiah and the then Congress General Secretary, P.V. Narasimha Rao. It is also interesting to note that the temple is involved in encouraging young artistes and makes an effort to promote art and culture in the City. It organises cultural programmes every Saturday between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., in which budding artistes are featured. The local Mahila Samaja conducts bhajans on Sunday mornings. The temple, which won the best-maintained temple award in 1999, is now managed by a 15-member trust. On Hanuma Jayanthi, the temple's charity is extended to even animals. They distribute fruits to hundreds of monkeys!

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Gavi Gangadareshwara Temple : Basavanagudi – Hindu Temples

Gavi Gangadareshwara Temple : Basavanagudi – Hindu Temples
his temple, also located near Basavanagudi, is well known for its remarkable architecture. The Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple is one of the oldest temples in Bangalore. Legend has it that the cave temple dates back to the Tretha Yuga. Kempegowda built two of the oldest temples in Bangalore: the Bull temple and the Gavi Gangadareshwara Temple. The temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi is inside a natural cave in Gavipuram. Legend has it that Kempegowda built this temple in gratitude after being released from his five-year imprisonment by Rama Raya. Devotees gather here on Makara Sankaranti day when it is believed that at a particular moment in the evening the sun's rays fall directly on the linga inside the cave, passing between Nandi's horns.
The temple, which roughly covers an area of 300 ft by 200 ft, was renovated during the period of the local chieftain Kempegowda, who is also known as the founder of Bangalore. This dates the temple back to nearly 500 years. The 14-pillared Mantap of the temple has elements of the Vijayanagar style of architecture.
The trishula dhamaruga (a drum attached to a trident), two monolithic pillars called Suryapana and Chandrapana, the towers on the rock outside the temple and a stone wall on the adjoining Harihararaya Gudda were all said to be installed during the Kempegowda period. The most interesting feature of this temple is said to be the two paths inside the cave. It is believed that while one path leads to temple town Shivaganga in Tumkur district, another path leads to Kashi. Apart from the idol of Eshwara with the river Ganga springing from his head, there are also Durga and Parvathi temples inside the cave. If one circumvents these, one can see Sapthamathruke, Sridevi and Bhoodevi idols.
Apart from these idols, there is also the idol of Agnimurthi, which comprises two heads, seven hands and three legs. It is believed that worshipping this deity will cure one of all eye defects. The priest points out that hundreds visit the temple to find an answer to their problems. Mondays see a huge turnout of devotees, he adds. Apart from that, the Shudda Pournami day in February is also a special day at the temple. A car festival is also held during that time.
The temple blends in beautifully with the entire area, which also has a feel of old-world simplicity to it - a little Bangalore away from the fancy and footloose City that we all know of. The well-lit park that adjoins the temple, with fountains et al, is probably the only “modern” element in the vicinity.
The temple is open from 7.30 am to 12.00 pm and again from 5 pm to 8.30 pm.

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